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Ciara Jean

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Welcome hOMe

a space for you to land, breathe + be cozy,

where I share with you my passion for movement, mindfulness, body love + wellness with you.


Looking forward to connecting with you here or on social media. 




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passion. inner powerconfidence. bliss. radiance. 

wellness. vitality. challenge. change. creativity.

truth. courage. harmony. balance. ease. joy. 

health. peace. life.  play. pure love. 

community. union. connection.






"Ciara is a treasure to those that are lucky enough to find themselves in her class. Her energy is grounded, yet playful and kind... And she inspires us to be the same with ourselves on (and even later off) the mat. She is incredibly sensitive to what each individual may need at the time, and helps them to be within themself to get there. She speaks with clear instruction and a calm voice, so most of the class my eyes are closed. She has a great diversity in her knowledge of poses and adaptations for injuries or restrictions, her series are always something new and I am surprised after every class how deeply I can feel the benefits. She seems to be able to sense when I am restricted (and don't know it myself) but can gently and safely assist my body into a better position that I would not otherwise get into without pain and pushing. Ciara's desire to help those in her class, and to constantly learn and grow together, makes me look forward to hopefully many many more classes with her."  - Meghan C.



info@ciarajean.ca \\ Ottawa, ON